In this April 2014 the Security Council of the United Nations will meet to renew the mandate of MINURSO ( UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara ) . This is the only special UN mission without skills in monitoring human rights, and all are known abuses by Moroccan authorities against the Saharawi population in the occupied territories.

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It has launched a campaign unit from the State Coordinator of Solidarity Associations with Sahara to make this actually change at this meeting of the Security Council . The international solidarity movement , and particularly the Spanish , should track this campaign and support their dissemination to the fullest. We will send letters to all members of the Security Council of United Nations and the Spanish Ambassador to the United Nations asking that MINURSO has competence in monitoring human rights. Just fill in your details on the form and give the » Send » button.

The letter is in English, French and Spanish . With the help of everyone we can get ! Spread it on social networks .

Mr/Ms Ambassador Permanent:

We appreciate your country’s continued attention, as a member of the UN Security Council, on the issue of Western Sahara and in particular the difficulties faced by the Saharawi people, who have been living under occupation since 1975. As has been widely documented, the human rights of those who peacefully oppose the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara are regularly abused. Torture, illegal detentions and arrests, summary trials and indiscriminate repression by the Moroccan army and gendarmerie have created many victims. Human rights defenders remain in prison as political prisoners in subhuman conditions, while their fellow activists, whose freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association are not guaranteed, have to live under the constant fear of being arbitrarily arrested and tortured. MINURSO has been created to organize the agreed referendum on self-determination for the people of Western Sahara with the aim of putting an end to the last colonial case in Africa included in the UN agenda. It is evident that MINURSO was not able so far to fulfill its mandate given Morocco’s obstruction and delaying tactics. It is an unfortunate failure of United Nations that cannot be easily explained or understood. While hopping that the UN Secury Council will take the necessary measures to stop Morocco’s obstructions, there is however something that the Council can and should do. MINURSO is currently one of the few UN Peacekeeping Missions that does not have a mandate to monitor human rights. The evidence of this need is clear and cannot be ignored. The extension of the role of MINURSO to include the monitoring of human rights is urgently needed.     We believe that, without the expansion of the mandate, the Saharawi people will not be able to freely express themselves, nor exercise their right to demonstrate. Most importantly, they will not be able to participate fully in a free and fair exercise of self-determination, which is universally agreed to be their right under international law. We therefore urge Security Council Members to include human rights in the mandate of MINURSO when it is revised in April. This will enable the UN to assess the conditions on the ground and advance its mission to organize the referendum on self-determination, thereby contributing to the final resolution of the dispute over Western Sahara through the application of international law in accordance with the United Nations Charter and human rights treaties.      Yours sincerely.